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Health and Beauty 002: Skincare

Health and Beauty 002: Skincare


Hello friends,

This weeks post is all about my current skincare routine. I’m definitely someone who does not stick to a skincare routine consistently, so I’ll talk about a system I finally think works for me. 

Between the Phases Skincare Routine


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Lately I’ve been feeling the pressure to engage in a nighttime skincare routine because “self care”. Anyone else feel this way? Like if we’re not doing something dubbed “self care” in the correct way then you’re not “self-caring”? Maybe it’s just me but I have a rebellious streak, and when I attempt to try something and I don’t achieve the expected results I naturally rebel against the idea. So you can probably see why anytime I was told by magazines or beauty campaigns to put on facial masks once a week on behalf of “self care,” I would actually roll me eyes. I began to think these “self care” routines can become almost a prescription for being “cool” versus being yourself. 

Confession... I still wanted to have a skincare routine. So if these were the anti-beauty-establishment thoughts I was having, how could I start this skincare system that I was secretly wanting to do? It was hard for me to reflect on how I could start this routine for myself while also rebelling about what society was telling me skincare was.

Finally I just decided "society be damned" and I wanted to try caring for my face with some decent products in three steps or less. I didn't want a 20 minute process, or a facial mask I had to leave on without flinching and eyebrow, or a process that felt like a chore.

I wanted something that could keep me sane and be short, sweet and effective.

Between the Phases Phase


 My latest obsession or phase when it comes to health and beauty is related to skincare. As I get closer to my 30s I’m realizing the value of keeping my skin hydrated, moisturized and protected from the sun. Gone are the days of tanning beds, and I even shy away from spray tans unless I have a very special event (like standing up in a wedding). I’m beginning to embrace a more natural and pale complexion. Although at times I do have insecurities related to sunspots, freckles or acne scars, I’m actively starting to embrace the imperfections for better health over having a tanned or sun kissed skin tone.

I also listen to a lot of podcasts with young professional women, new moms, or seasoned moms and I love all of their podcasts centered around their skincare routines. I’m super into detailed descriptions of how people care for their skin and love a start-to-finish description of cleansing to mositurizing. So needless to say this is one phase that I don’t see fading anytime soon.

Here's my system for inconsistently sticking to a skincare routine:

Pre-Work: Gather Supplies

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The first thing I do is gather the supplies I need which are my ecoTOOLs brush, a washcloth, a cotton ball, and the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

I'm loving No7's Facial Cleanser right now. It puffs up into a foam and I love the feel of the bubbles during cleansing.

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

I'm also learning that exfoliating to some extent helps my skin feel smoother and allows for smoother makeup application. I like the ecoTOOLs facial cleansing brush.

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

I also grab the cotton balls, which I keep in an old cleaned-out candle jar, and the toner.


Step 1: Facial Cleanser

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

Grab your exfoliator. Whether it's a brush, plastic scrubee, or washcloth.

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Squeeze one pump of the cleanser onto the exfoliator tool.

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Scrub, scrub, scrub for about 1-2 minutes. 


Step 2: Facial Toner

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Again, No7 is quickly becoming one of my go-to products. I love their facial toner. To be completely honest, I'm still not sure what a toner does, but I feel like it helps cut any grease or skin cells after cleansing.

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

Sometimes I may use this throughout the day as well rather than just after cleansing. Or if I'm super lazy in the morning and skip the cleanser, I may just use this with a quick swipe and go.

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

I basically dab a cotton ball on the top of the bottle and tilt it one or two times.

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

Then I rub it across my face, staying away from my eyes, lips and nostrils.


Step 3: Mositurize

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

Finally, I use the bareMINERALS skin longevity moisturizer. I like this because it feels very serumy and less lotiony and I'm a fan of light and airy on my face for moisture. Put this on last and voila! 

Between the Phases Lesson Learned


Whenever I try something new and a bit scary, I usually try to pair it with an incentive. Whether it’s a well-deserved Friday coffee I've earned if i completed a week long “spending fast”, or treating myself to a pair of leggings after two straight weeks of 5am workouts, I’m much more likely to make a better choice for my health if there’s a nice little carrot waiting for me. 

Trying new beauty and skincare routines are naturally exciting for me, but a bit scary too. I usually get excited and then quit the routine a few weeks later. Mostly due to laziness. Or boredom. If the routine takes more than 3 steps, I’m usually out. 

So I usually treat myself to something small if I keep up the skincare routine. It might be a small lipgloss or eyeshadow, or listening to a new podcast that talks about skincare products while I moisturize. I inherently like the idea that I’m doing something beneficial for my long term skin health.

Between the Phases Beauty Bag 002 Skincare

I’m also finding the value of investing in quality products and treating myself to brands I know and trust. I love bareMinerals, and I’m an even bigger sucker for a serum type moisturizing lotion. I definitely notice a change in my attitude if I have taken the time to cleanse and moisturize in the morning before work. Maybe it’s because it feels a little self indulgent, or maybe it’s because I know it’s 2 minutes I can build into the day.

Either way, I like feeling that a simple system can help me build a bit more sanity and grounding into my day. Even if I'm inconsistent.


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