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Crafting Corner 003: Cash Envelopes

Crafting Corner 003: Cash Envelopes

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Hey friends,

welcome to the third post for crafting corner! I can't wait to show you what I made this time, and how most of the total cost was less than $7. 

Between the Phases How to Make Cash Envelopes for Less than $7

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This week's theme is belief and conviction, or a deeply held stance or belief. Man it's funny sometimes how these themes seem to effortlessly flow together with the phase I'm in. What I'm noticing is that if I firmly and wholly believe I can do something, you bet I can do it. So with this theme, I'm thinking that if I totally believe I can stick to this budgeting system for even just one month, that I'll be able to keep it rolling for much longer. My mantra this week is going to "I SPEND MINDFULLY." If I say it enough in my head and stick to this system, I think I'll be able to keep it up. 

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I am obsessed with budgeting lately. Maybe it's because we just went and talked to someone about what the pre-approval process for a home mortgage looks like, or maybe it's be cause we have a wedding to save fore, but I actually enjoy crunching numbers. Now actually following through on my budget is another thing. 

I've used apps in the past, such as Mint, to help with tracking where I'm at but in the past I've tried a cash envelope type system (throwback to using the $1 photo albums from Walmart) in the past and noticed I stuck to that more. I think the actual process of handing cold, hard cash to someone makes me much less likely to splurge or put something on credit or just hand over my debit card. 

So this time around I wanted to really invest in the system (no pun intended), and make pretty envelopes to suit my needs. Here's a tutorial on how I actually created my envelopes. Below are my steps for making cash envelopes from old scrapbook paper I had around the house.


First I gathered my supplies.


First I started out by grabbing a check and added 1/4inch on each side of the top half of the envelope and 1/2inch on the bottom half of the envelope. I used this as my "tracing" template for the other envelopes.


This template equaled out to be close to 2/3rds the width of my paper. I then cut several pieces to begin making the envelopes.


When I cut the sheets I was able to make about two envelopes per page. I started by folding them in half.


Then I cut about 1/4th inch off and a slight angled triangle to serve as the tabs for the envelope.


After that I folded in the tabs and put some glue on them. Once they were glued I folded together the envelope. 


After creating the envelopes I detailed the front of them with categories. I have the following labels with the allotted monthly budgets:

  • groceries ($200)
  • gas ($80)
  • restaurants ($100)
  • coffee ($20)
  • clothes ($80)
  • entertainment ($20)
  • miscellaneous ($50)
  • home supplies ($20)
  • hobbies ($20)
  • beauty ($80)
  • medical ($50)
  • savings ($50)
  • wedding ($40)
  • bow ($40)

We can chat about budgets another time, but those are the budgets and categories that work for me and my little family right now. Some categories I definitely had to narrow down to the bare minimum, and I'm hoping I won't actually spend money on some categories each month so I can have one lump sum in that area.


Once the envelopes were "laminated" with contact paper I printed off a "budget tracker" that I can fill in monthly. It details the budget I set for myself, along with the amount actual spent, and then how much over or under I was.


Finally I trimmed up the edges and got everything taped on and they are ready!

Between the Phases Lesson Learned


Iā€™m someone who thrives on procedures, systems and order. If I need to start a big undertaking, I'm much more likely to follow through if I have a solid system in place. I tend to also need to use the new system daily so that it becomes habit. Is that what you've experienced? I also think part of creating a system is just beginning and starting. So with this, I learned that by having a strong belief, or conviction, and creating a system, I've set myself up well.

I think it's a recipe for success.


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