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Around the Home 001: Handheld Vacuums

Around the Home 001: Handheld Vacuums


Hey friends,

I can't wait to share this segment with you! This "Around the Home" section will be a compilation of all the projects and adventures we have going on around the house. It may include any organizing, cleaning or tidying tips, or some home improvement projects we're working on. 

This first post is all about my latest obsession. Can you guess what it is?


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This week's theme is all about HEALTH, or ways to sustain physical wellness. Lately I've been listening to some wonderful podcasters who have been preaching the ways to increase the health of people living in your home by, get this, vacuuming.


Believe it. These brilliant ladies have wonderful tips and tricks about how a consistent vacuuming schedule can improve the overall health of your home. 

The biggest reason is that dirt and dust particles can pile up and not only be tracked from room to room, but can also pile up and clog our lungs. Think about it, our home is where we spend a lot of time doing what we do. But it's also the place where we spend probably over 12-15 hours breathing. While we sleep, eat, watch TV, and talk and we're breathing in the particles of our house. So think about the amount of dust we breathe in on a daily basis. When I learned I should be changing our cooling/heating system's air filter once every three months (...I definitely don't do that) I knew I needed another solution to keeping dust particles at bay.

Think about it, when's the last time you've cleaned the tops of your ceiling fans? If you're like me, it's been over a year. Ewww...

I couldn't believe how much dust was probably being stirred around each time we turned on our ceiling fans. So it made complete sense why all those wonderful ladies said that consistent vacuuming not only helps with tracking in dust particles, but it helps with getting the particles out of the air, which in turns helps with our overall health and breathing.

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After listening to the podcasts I tried to figure out a way to start a vacuuming schedule. I know myself enough to realize that I do not enjoy using our upright vacuum. Combine the oversized furniture in our house with smaller, closed concepts rooms and lugging that thing from room to room is not my idea of a good time. 

So I knew I would need something small, accessible and easy to use.

Cue my latest obsession: handheld, cordless vacuums.

Why had I not thought of this before?! Seriously. How have I gone 27 years in my life never having or using a small little beauty. After listening to the podcasts I spent about a week on Amazon reading reviews about awesome handheld vacuums. Most ranged in price from $30-$80 and to be honest, that was more than I was willing to spend. I researched models and found that a Black and Decker was probably good for me. 

So you can imagine my surprise when I went to our local Walmart and found this beauty ON SALE for $16.88 (*not sponsored, I bought this myself).

Done and done.

I came home and spent wayyyyy too much time with the stud finder, only to screw in the wall-mount charging station near our garbages in the kitchen. (Note to self: next house needs to have an outlet in a closet so I can hang this stuff from view).

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Now that I have this little guy sitting at the ready, I use him about 3-4x a day. Just because. I'll find little dust bunnies in the corners of our living room and suck them up. I've also begun cleaning out our windows and sliders since we're finally able to open our windows after a long winter. I just installed some things in TJ's closet and used it to suck up the drywall particles. 

The best part? That this was a $16 investment. I realize that it will probably conk out on me within a year, but I have already used this thing more than 16 times and if each time is worth a dollar, it has paid for itself and more. 

So not only is this handheld vacuum helping with our physical health by keeping dust particles to a minimum, but it's helped with my overall appreciation of our newly tidied environment.

What are some ways you keep the health of your home on-point?



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