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Crafting Corner 002: DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath Tutorial

Crafting Corner 002: DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath Tutorial

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Hey friends,

welcome to my second crafting corner post. This one is a quick before and after, and with spring just around the corner I wanted to complete something welcoming and seasonal. Read more below about how I made this spring wreath in less than an hour (for $6) AND how I was able to attach meaning to it through the theme of civility.

Between the Phases DIY Dollar Store spring wreath tutorial

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This week's theme is civility. And while I think sometimes attaching randomized themes to seemingly unrelated activities can be a biiiiiiiit of a stretch, I'm finding that it's helping me to make sense of my life lately. Like how cool is it to find meaning in seemingly mundane things?

So when I thought about how the heck I was going to find "civility" in crafting, I scoffed. To be honest, aside from knowing it meant being kind and polite, I had to look this one up.




  1. formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.

Once I gained an understanding of what civility meant, I started to find connections in how it could related to crafting. 

When I think about civility, one thing that stands out is welcoming and politeness. Each time I go somewhere new and meet new people, I am struck by those who immediately welcome me into their home or event and provide basic niceties such as taking coats or pouring drinks. I immediately feel a sense of belonging and really appreciate those small gestures. Those are the people that I feel a better sense of connection with and leave the event feeling as if my presence mattered to them.

Sometimes I think as a culture we forget this important first gesture.

Also, I think civility is mostly seen as an active process. We welcome, we listen, we speak, we gather, we invite. Which got me thinking. Why can't civility be seen as a passive process? If civility is considered formal politeness in behavior or speech, couldn't politeness and welcoming also be accomplished with a more "introverted" action? Meaning, could I consider "welcoming" to be an activity which was initially done once, but that carried on politeness for many interactions to come?

Well, why not?

Once I thought about this more, I started feeling a sense of energy and empowerment. I'm not sure about you but I am such an introvert by nature. So when I can do something welcoming without having to necessarily interact verbally, or give more of myself, I feel whole, complete and satisfied. Almost as if I've stayed true to myself while also providing comfort and welcoming gestures to loved ones. So then I thought about the ways this shows up in my life already. Some things I like to do are providing guests with a framed wifi password or including a guest toiletry package in our spare bedroom for when they stay over. Once I reflected more on how I tend to sprinkle these actions throughout our lives, I truly felt a sense of enlightenment. 

What better way to welcome people to our home, than with passive civility. And what better way to do that, than with a great first impression on our door.

Between the Phases Phase


I am such a sucker for bright and beautiful decor. And I'm a sucker for entryways. And I'm even more obsessed with the ways people decorate the entrance to their home. So needless to say my latest obsession, or phase, is centered around wreaths, wreaths, and more wreaths.

There's something about a wreath on a door that screams "welcome!" to me. I don't know if it's because it has to be put there with intention, or if it's because it's meant to be visible to the whole outside world, but it feels homey and cozy and kind.

Every time I walk around our neighborhood and see wreaths I immediately get a sense of comfort. I also love to try and imagine details about the lives of the people inside. For example, once I saw a wreath that had red, yellow and blue puzzle pieces on a neighbor's door during the month of April. Working in education, I immediately guessed that this was related to Autism Awareness. And while I haven't been able to strike up a conversation with this neighbor just yet, I felt a sense of belonging and curiosity about this family just by the welcoming visual on their front door.

So needless to say I wanted to create a welcoming visual myself. Below is a before photo of how I decided to create a spring wreath.


I went to the local Dollar Tree and picked up nearly all of the supplies shown, aside from the ones I already had on hand. I knew I wanted something bright and colorful that could be seen from the street. We have a white door so I didn't want it to fade into the background. And what screams "spring" more than bright pink?! I got some peonies and floral greens, along with the wreath and went home to complete the project.

The total spent was $6. 

  • 4 bunches of peonies ($4)
  • 1 bunch of greenery ($1)
  • 1 foam wreath ($1)
  • glue gun (free, previously owned)
  • glue sticks (free, previously owned)
  • washi tape (free, previously owned)
  • wire cutters (free, previously owned)
  • command strip (free, found in my junk drawer)
Between the Phases Lesson Learned


After less than an hour spent on this project, I hung it up on our front door with a command hook. I stood back and felt a sense of pride. What made me the most happy was that, with this short $6 project, I had knocked out two birds with one stone.

I was able to expend some creative energy (big value of mine) AND I got to welcome people to my home (another value of mine). 

Now as I sit here typing this post, I feel happy that I was able to accomplish two of my biggest needs with this quick craft. I was able to enhance civility in our home (and in a passive way, mind you) while also creating and adorning our home. At the time I didn't realize how much meaning I would be able to take from this little project. I think deep down I knew I wanted to create a wreath for a specific reason, but I wasn't yet able to name the reason or label it.

Which is truly why I'm writing these posts.

I write so that I can connect. And I write so that I can retroactively find meaning in the mundane, seemingly unrelated and small moments of life. I write so I can find beautiful significance. 

Between the Phases Spring Wreath Tutorial

What are some ways that you find deep significance in the small moments in your life? I'd love to hear all about it. And if you happen to make any wreaths, please send pictures my way :)


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