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Beauty Bag 001: Sephora Samples

Beauty Bag 001: Sephora Samples

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Hello friends,

If there is one guilty pleasure in my life it is finding affordable yet durable beauty products. I love learning about new products through recommendations from others bloggers, going to the store and looking at the product and comparing colors, coming home and carefully unwrapping the packaging, and then trying it on whether or not I have an event coming up that day. 

So one category I'd like to commit time to is showing off any of the beauty products or services I get and give a purchase-post and update afterwards. 

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Since this month's theme is still centered around anticipation, I'm going to stick with that as we talk makeup here. And boy, do I notice a difference in the excitement I get about makeup versus wedding planning. Laughing tears.

Not sure about you, but each time I come home from Sephora or Ulta, I get super excited and need to lay out all my products in a row. Then I read over each package and do a test run. I may snap a photo or two as well. There’s just something about a new makeup product that gets me pumped and excited.  


  • bareMinerals Bare Pro (I'm super pumped for a more powder/cream-based but good coverage foundation. Liquid foundation is not my favorite for my skin type)
  • bareMinerals Skin Longevity (Can't wait to try this wonderful, silky serum! It's one of bareMinerals' best sellers right now and I think I can see why)
  • Sephora daily brush cleaner (I need to get better about cleaning and sanitizing my brushes so I like that this is a spray I can spritz on the brushes between uses)

*these products are not sponsored (I bought them myself) and the links above are not affiliated ( I don’t get a cut of the sales if you click on the link)

Between the Phases Phase


If you’re like me, you might splurge on makeup once or twice a year. While I love experimenting with products, at times I find it tough to spend money on a product I’m not sure I’ll love. And a splurge for me is a trip to Walgreens. Seriously. Maybe once every few months I leave with a bag from there and come home happy for weeks. But even that is few and far between. When I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll stop in to Sephora or Ulta once or twice a year. Because of that I need to find quality products that last a while, give me a bang for my buck, and are fun to use.

So my latest obsession or phase when it comes to health and beauty is FREE SAMPLES y'all. Seriously, take a look at all of the free samples that Sephora gave me for a purchase over $35! Free free free is awesome and I am so excited to try some of these out and report back. 


*the products above are free samples and the links above are not affiliated (I don’t get a cut of the sales if you click on the link)

Between the Phases Lesson Learned


Investing in quality products usually requires a splurge upfront.  And chances are, if you splurge you'll get more samples for free to try those... aaaaand then you might just end up splurging again!

But at least this way you get to try out the product before investing. I still do struggle with purchasing a $30 foundation, but if I get a sample first and know it's something I'll enjoy, it makes it less painful to know I'm investing in a quality product that makes me feel good. What are some of your favorite beauty products that are worth investing in?

So my recommendation is to jump in and bite the bullet if you've been putting off purchasing a beauty product. Chances are, it'll pay off with either another freebee or a sense of newfound confidence or happiness that's worth it.


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