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Crafting Corner 001: Tissue Box Cover

Crafting Corner 001: Tissue Box Cover

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Hey friends,

This is my first Crafting Corner post and I am super excited to share it with you. In this section I’m going to keep a log of the crafts that I complete. Some will be tutorials and others will be simple before and afters. My favorite crafts are ones that are quick and simple, yet elegant and functional. So in this segment you’ll find a lot of thrifted or frugal finds that have an airy twist. 


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Lately at home I’m all about adornment. I love the look of aesthetically pleasing items. If I had it my way our home would be full of white wainscoting, quartz counters, floor to ceiling built-ins, and white marble touches everywhere. That said, we don’t have the budget for that and we can’t make edits to our lovely rental. So in order to compensate I’m adorning our house with any budget-friendly, white material I can get my hands on.

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My latest obsession is with tissue box holders. While some brands like Kleenex or Puffs have come a long way in their designs, I still gravitate toward a white palette. I was scouring Amazon and Wayfair for a tissue box cover around $10-$15 and all I could find were very plastic looking, generic covers. I pouted when I saw a $45 marbled cover, because that’s wayyyy out of our budget for a small tissue box cover.

But then I saw Amazon had some canvas sewn tissue covers. I thought to myself, “those are cute... I could make that. It’s really just straight lines and a bit of hemming.” So I gave it a shot and came up with this lovely little thing. 


Seriously how cute is that little guy?! Don’t mind the messy seems, I’ll get to that later. Here’s how I made this cute cover from start to finish.


First I got some scraps of cotton fabric and my scissors ready. I love this print! 


Then I laid out my tissue box and cut about 1/4th inch around one of the sides. These boxes are not completely square so the sides are more rectangular than the tops. After that I put the box upright and cut 1/4th inch around the top which was closest to a full square.


Then I got my pieces ready to sew some lines. I think I set the length to 3 and the style to a 2 (straight) on this machine. 


I had to put the right sides together and sewed a quick seam on the right hand side. I repeated this with all four patches.


Then I cut a quick hole in the middle of the top patch and cut the inside corners. I folded down the edges and sewed a little hem.


Then I finished sewing all four patches together and added the top. I added a hem on the bottom too. Here’s the result where it’s standing.


There it is! I just love how it turned out. It took me about 1 hour from start to finish to create this cover.

Between the Phases Lesson Learned


Patience is not my strong suit. It’s probably why I’m so good at starting projects but not so good at finishing them. Which is why I need projects that can be completed quickly. This hour long sewing project was perfect, but even then I noticed two mistakes this time around. 

The first was that I accidentally sewed the first two patches incorrectly. I was too lazy to look up a pattern and I put them wrong and right side together so when I unfolded the seam, one was right side out while the other was inside out. Cue my seam ripper. The second was that I was a bit too quick with my seams and used a grey thread rather than digging in my closet for the three white I know are in there. Had I had the patience to search for a pattern, make sure the fabric sides were correct, and use a more palatable string color I think the project could have turned out twice as good. 

So tell me what you think of this cute little project and what your favorite sewing projects are. I can’t wait to hear what you have to share!


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