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DIY & Decor 002: 5 Simple Holiday Decor Pieces for Under $50

DIY & Decor 002: 5 Simple Holiday Decor Pieces for Under $50

Between the Phases DIY and Decor

Hey friends,

I am so excited to share our holiday look with you. We definitely keep things classic and traditional with a touch of Midwestern cozy. I also share the links to the products I got this year, all of which are affiliate free so I don’t get a cut of any of the sales. If you’re curious about my other projects and decor tips, stop by my Pinterest page or Instagram feed as that’s where I post most updates :) 

Between the Phases 5 Holiday Decor Pieces for Under $50

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This week's theme is all about SIMPLICITY, and man do I love the classic and elegant look of something not overdone. When it comes to keeping decor simple, I like to stick with some of the basics:

  1. white neutrals as both a base and accent

  2. one consistent earthy theme (e.g., wood, greenery)

  3. one or two pops of color and/or a classic pattern

  4. lettering script for homey touches

Not only do I feel like this keeps our space appealing without being too cluttered, but it helps with our budget too since I’m not spending excessive amounts of money on changing seasonal decor. I typically keep and reuse these pieces since I truly love them and like that I keep them to a minimum; it makes switching out decor items super easy and fun!

merry and bright quote sign

Here you can see where I added a white accent (photo frames, white lamp, white stockings) with an earthy element (faux pine garlands) with a pop of color and pattern (red plaid) complete with my own hand lettering sign.

simple pine wreath

Since wreaths are so easy for me to switch out I keep a stack of three total in our coat closet next to our front door. If you’re curious on how to make them for super cheap, click here to follow my tutorial on DIY wreaths. I’ve hung them with a few nails and can store them there for repeated use between the seasons.

pallet flag with stockings

Here I have the white accent (shelf and boxes on the shelf) with two earthy elements (greenery and wood pallet flag) with a few pops of color (red and green). While I don’t have my own script I do have NOEL placed strategically ;)

Between the Phases Phase


Simple touches with one cohesive theme are my focus this season. I also like focusing on SIMPLICITY with decor this season because it’s budget friendly. All of the items below costed me less than a total of $50. Some items I had previously from years prior, which helped with the cost. My favorites for this season are listed below.

white stockings plaid bow

First, I have to say I am in love with plaid. It’s a classic that lasts throughout the holiday season and I love how it pairs with whites and creams and silvers. I literally picked up these bows today when we made a run to our local Menards.

Second, I am a sucker for any “natural” greenery. While I don’t have the budget for better faux looking garland or single stems from Hobby Lobby or Michaels or other floral stores, I’m fine with the faux plasticy garland from Menards. And for the price, it can’t be beat!

Another decor piece I’m loving this year is all things stockings. I especially love the simple, modern and minimalist look from Joanna Gaines’s line at Target. Look at how cute these little details are and the adorable faux leather strap!

I love a classic hand lettered message and fell in love with the idea of changing the script and content of my messages with the seasons. All I needed was a black sharpie marker and a roll of kraft paper hung with yarn to complete this lovely focal piece.

Again, bringing inspiration from nature indoors has got to be my favorite way to add cheer. Faux plants and floral arrangements are one of my favorite go-to decor tricks because I can keep them stored away until the next season. I love to rotate out my wreaths (I only have 3) between the seasons and find it makes for a fun, quick change.

Overall those have to be my favorite pieces for the holiday season. I like how they add cheer and mirth without overpowering our space. They blend in with our living room color scheme and are easily changeable come spring.

Between the Phases Lesson Learned


merry and bright lettering quote

All together, those single pieces cost $44.47.

Full disclosure, I already had the wreath from last year along with my kraft paper hanging, and bought two of the stockings along with two packs of the bows, so my total price point for this year’s decor was actually only $39. How’s that for keeping things simple and classic AND budget friendly?!

Comment below with some ways that you keep things frugal and festively friendly this holiday season. I can’t wait to hear your favorite tips and tricks!


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