Hello new friend!

Between the Phases is a blog written by me, Ericka. I’m a creative introvert from Wisconsin who loves crafting, DIY, painting and beauty. Even more than that, I love sharing what I’m doing with you.

I’m a habitual starter-then-stopper of things and constantly find myself in between phases. I can be overly passionate about something one day, and completely over it the next. I can exhaust myself on a woodworking project for 9 hours straight and then not touch a sander for a year and a half. So I’m not sure about you, but I wasn’t sensing a ton of validation for that type of lifestyle in today’s “work hard, keep pushing harder, don't ever stop, hustle hard” culture.

Because of that, I started this blog in the hopes that it would bring a smile to your face. I also started this blog to let you know that if you have a restless soul and lively heart just like me, that it’s okay. It's totally cool to be in whatever phase you are, and to move on as quickly as you want to the next.